18 tasty meal ideas

There's something for everyone with this variety of juicy meal ideas.

Which one will you try tonight?

Maggi® So Juicy® meal ideas and recipes

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Italian Meatballs

With spaghetti and mixed salad

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Smoky Piri Piri Chicken

With sweet potato wedges, peas and sweetcorn

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Burrito Chicken

With tortilla wraps, homemade salsa and mixed salad leaves

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Cajun Chicken

With zesty broccoli and sweet carrots

Moroccan Chicken

With lemon and courgette couscous

Rustic Beef One Pot

With tender green beans

BBQ Chicken

With sugar snap peas, homemade potato wedges and corn on the cob

Mixed Herbs Chicken

With herby couscous, roasted tomatoes and peppery salad leaves

Paprika Chicken

With coucous and steamed French beans

Garlic Chicken

With lettuce and potato salad with red onion and fresh herbs

Mexican Chicken

Serve your chicken with rice

Chicken Chasseur

With boiled new potatoes, peas and broccoli

Sweet & Sour Chicken

With steamed rice and stir fried vegetables

Italian Chicken

Serve your chicken with pasta

Balti Chicken

With steamed rice, low fat yogurt and fresh coriander leaves

Rosemary & Garlic Chicken

With new potatoes, carrots and green beans

BBQ Ribs

With a jacket potato, light coleslaw and a fresh green salad

Beef & Red Wine

With mashed potato, broccoli and peas